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About our Test Process
Vericode's test process consists of the following stages:
Define your goals
Each software testing project represents a unique set of challenges. Our goal is to understand the key quality factors for the success of your project. A Vericode project manager works with you to understand what your testing goals are, and what testing activities will best meet those goals.
Propose a testing solution
Once the testing goals are clearly understood, we propose a solution that specifically meets those goals. A typical proposal outlines the project tasks, deliverables, schedule, and cost. We use your test requirements and specifications to design a solution that meets your objectives.
Refine the proposal
As necessary, we refine the proposal to reach consensus on a final plan that meets all the specified testing criteria, schedule, and budget.
Execute the plan
We execute the test plan, using our proven test methodology and industry best practices to complete all testing tasks on time and on budget.

During the test project, Vericode communicates project status along with defect reports and test summaries. Defect reports are available in real-time on our bug tracking web site.

We provide individualized attention during the project execution as well as in all other phases of the test project.

Project completion and plan for next test cycle
At the completion of the test project, the client receives the final deliverables for the project. This may be the final defect report, test automation scripts, or other test documentation.

Additionally, most projects also receive a detailed status report that outlines the progression of the test project. This is particularly helpful for functional test projects, where useful summary information about particular problem areas and recommendations for further testing can be provided.

We then work with the client to determine if another test cycle is needed, and if so, how much further testing is required.


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