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Vericode Services

Web Testing
Vericode web services include testing for:
  Web sites
  Web applications
  Interactive web banner ads
  E-commerce sites
•  Accessibility compliance

Web testing services include browser compatibility testing, link checks, and web server load and stress testing in addition to functional testing.


Multimedia Testing
Vericode offers testing for multimedia applications using a variety of sound and video configurations on a range of platforms.

App Testing
Vericode offers a wide range of choices to meet the demands of testing software applications at any stage of the software development life cycle, including test requirements definition, test planning and execution, platform compatibility testing, and load and stress testing.

We have a wide variety of PC and Mac platforms, as well as many mobile devices, both iOS and Android. 

Network Testing
Vericode's lab contains a variety of network configurations which can be used to test any networked application.

Test Automation
The Vericode test automation professionals assist in designing and implementing test automation strategies for a wide range of software products. Test automation products used include: SilkTest (Borland®), IBM Rational Robot, and e-TEST suite (Oracle).

Documentation & Training
Vericode provides documentation and training services to augment our testing services.

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