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App Testing
Vericode is dedicated to providing the most responsive, effective application testing services possible. We use proven testing methodologies to provide you with the results you need to meet your software quality goals.

Vericode offers PC, Mac, and mobile testing for business applications. All testing is done in our lab, where we have a wide variety of hardware and network configurations. We have extensive experience testing business and educational applications on all Windows and Macintosh platforms as well as a variety of mobile devices. 

We work with you to design a customized software testing solution, which includes installation testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, and regression testing. We then implement this solution quickly and efficiently, and provide you with results in your choice of formats.

Key Benefits
We work off-site, freeing up your resources for development or project management tasks.
We work on a project basis, saving you money. We're there when you need us.
We're software testing experts. We provide a thorough, top quality testing effort, ensuring your product's release readiness.
We provide testing for a variety of platforms including:

Windows 10
Windows 11

Apple Macintosh
We test on all Macintosh platforms (iMac, Mac Mini,  MacBook) running MacOS X.

Mobile Platforms
iPhones and iPads running iOS
(current version and current -1)

Android Phones and Tablets
(current version and current -1)


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