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Documentation and Training
Vericode provides documentation and training services to augment our testing services. We have documentation and training professionals on staff, ready to help you in the following areas:

We can document any application: in-house specialty applications, test application frameworks that we have developed, or any other documentation projects.

Course Development
We can perform all phases of course development, or just the phase you choose: needs assessment, course outlining, course development, training manual development, instructor guide development, train-the-trainer.

We can provide classroom training on a course we have developed, or one of your own.

On-Line Help
We can create on-line help for your applications. We use the RoboHelp tool to do our development. Our on-line help is professional and complete.

Key Benefits

We provide superior quality documentation and training.

We work on a project basis, saving you money. We are there when you need us, and we are not on the payroll when you don't need us!

We provide 10+ years of expertise in the Documentation and Training field, which you can draw on whenever the need arises.

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