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Web and eCommerce Testing
Vericode provides web testing solutions to assure that your site
performs the way you designed it. We have experience testing a variety of web site content and apps to make sure they look and act the way they should. We test all links on your web page to make sure that you don't have any dead ends. Your site is tested on a wide variety of browsers on multiple platforms and mobile devices. We can provide feedback on usability issues at your request. All these things combine to assure you of a quality web presence that users will enjoy browsing.
Key Benefits
Thorough testing of all web functionality, link checking, CGI scripts, Java, etc.
E-commerce testing: We test all functional and usability aspects of the shopping and checkout experience.
Real-time online defect reporting.
Testing on a variety of platforms and browsers (Windows and Macintosh, any and all browsers). 
Performance testing over various connections — we'll run the page through different connection types to determine speed, graphics loading, etc.
We work on a project basis, saving you money. We're there when you need us.
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