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Multimedia Testing
Vericode offers testing for multimedia applications using many different sound and video configurations on a range of platforms. Our test lab includes a variety of Macintosh and PC machines, with a variety of processors and different amounts of RAM installed.
Key Benefits
We work off-site, freeing up your resources for development or project management tasks.
We work on a project basis, saving you money. We are there when you need us, and we are not on the payroll when you don't need us!
We provide a thorough, top quality testing effort, ensuring your product's release readiness.
Testing Focus
Product stability
Product usability
Product performance
Using our hardware (and software where applicable) Vericode will configure the system environments you specify for use in testing your application. We will thoroughly test the installer (if applicable) and verify that all files (both system and application) are correctly updated on the target machine. We then execute tests to verify that your software runs properly and without defects on each platform requested.
Testing Services
Multimedia title verification, including:
Installation and set-up testing
Software/hardware compatibility and configuration testing
Functional testing
Multiple builds/regression testing
Test plan development
Functional and unit testing
Interface design and usability analysis
Network applications
Test automation (basic and advanced)

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